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Travel Trends 2018: Purpose Travel

A way of travelling that is good for all those involved could well become the new standard! In the presentation on Purpose Travel, the growing demand for special experiences and the need for a more conscious exchange with the locals, with nature and with animals, come together. The prejudice that sustainable travel mostly attracts bohemians and alternative types, is a thing of the past.

More and more people have tuned their moral compass, their ‘bucket list’ contains less materialistic trips, and travel providers are also slowly adding the P of Purpose to People, Planet & Profit. A win-win-win situation generating added value for everyone.

In her visual presentation, Tessa introduces you to the 5 travel trends for 2018, followed by a more in-depth discussion of ‘Purpose Travel’ based on inspiring cases, examples and research. What is the role of Millennials, Generation Z and Xennials in this rapid change? And what do destinations, locals and an undercurrent of travel providers to do actually offer purpose? How important are technology and the sharing economy?

Speaker: Tessa aan de Stegge
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

Tesa aan de Stegge

Trendswatcher & Strategy designer

Tessa aan de Stegge believes that you can shape your own future if you are brave enough to embrace the signals of change. As a trend watcher she travels the world, to research trends, consumer needs and new business models, to distil success factors from the information gathered. She uses this knowledge as a keynote speaker, strategy designer and entrepreneur. Tessa gives clear and personal insights into the force field of change and helps organisations shape their proposition, product and marketing-PR for the future of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Tessa regularly writes articles sharing her vision and expertise on developments in the field of lifestyle & travel. In 2011, Tessa set up the Amsterdam PR & content agency  Cherry LAB, followed by the Story Makers Event in 2014, which brought together approx. 250 professionals from media & travel. In 2018, she is planning the launch of a new project. In addition, Tessa is ambassador for Stichting Reis met je Hart and is active as a blogger for various marketing media.