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The Social Revolution

In The Netherlands, in the eyes of many people YouTube is still the domain of young people. And while it is true that in the first instance mainly young people traded in their TV for YouTube, it is a huge misconception to not take the medium seriously. There is a social revolution going on, which goes further than we have ever seen. YouTube is the absolute leader in terms of video content. Call it disruptive, call it elusive, or call it disturbing, Bas mostly calls it very, very cool. YouTube provides us with unparalleled opportunities and enables everyone to become a creative maker. Want to find out more? Come and listen to Bas talk about “The Social Revolution.”

Speaker: Bas van Teylingen – Online Cookie Collective BV / The Tube School.
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

Bas van Teylingen

Online Cookie Collective BV / The Tube School.

Bas van Teylingen is creative in multiple disciplines. He works both in front of and behind the scenes in both new and old media. He is director of (online) formats and popular television shows.

He is active on YouTube as Jeukvogel (42K subsribers) and founder of De Tube School: the first school in The Netherlands where young people, companies and brands learn about YouTube from experienced YouTubers. He also is Managing Director of Online Cookie Collective, a creative media and knowledge centre for the online world.