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The legal do’s and don’ts on social media

A press trip here, a hotel stay there. It is fantastic to do and to publish articles on social media. But where is the boundary between advertising and a personal opinion? Who is responsible when an article goes all wrong? Who can use the content? It seems so easy to arrange, but far too often the agreements are unclear. In a concise matter, Charlotte tells you the don’ts, but also the do’s, when it comes to copyright and advertising law on social media.

Speaker: Charlotte Meindersma – owner Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

Charlotte Meindersma

owner Charlotte's Law & Fine Prints

Charlotte Meindersma is an attorney and works for the creative sector and businesses. She is also called “the social media lawyer of the Netherlands”. She started her firm, Charlotte’s Law & Fine Prints, over 6 years ago and mainly works for online entrepreneurs. Charlotte likes delving into subjects such as copyright, portrait law, trademark law and privacy. In addition, she is an amateur marketer. Of course, Charlotte has a good online presence on social media. Customers can also contact her via, for example, WhatsApp, Skype and