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Africa Rising, the travel trends taking us there

The Trends and research from the travel operators in Africa tell us that the numbers are rising and that the trends are towards more authentic experiences, but how can the research and the data allow us to market and package better?
This talk will offer some insights based on the research and the travel data we are seeing from OTAs in the region.

Speaker: William Price – Co-Founder of Man&Machine
Language: English
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

William Price

Co-Founder of Man&Machine

William, Co-Founder of Man&Machine is a travel, destination marketing expert and social media junky with more than 20 years digital experience has recently left South African Tourism after 7 years as the Global Manager: Digital. William was responsible for all the digital, online and social activities for South African Tourism across the various territories and markets, working with multiple agencies across various time zones and in different languages. William grew the digital marketing budget from less than 4% when he started, and grew the spend to more than 35% with a team of more than 10 staff becoming the second largest business unit in the business.