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Key trends and insights in the online search behaviour of Dutch travellers

We all use Google Search in many moments of our lives – to understand world events, discover new things to explore or to get inspiration for our next vacation. Google searches across the world create an unparalleled demonstration of our collective curiosity, which can certainly be a great insight for any travel organization. Which wintersport regions are in high demand? What destinations are searched most for the upcoming summer holiday? And which cities become more popular? In this presentation Christel Schoger (Analytical Consultant @Google) will share some key trends and insights for travel marketers focused on Dutch search behavior.

Speaker: Christel Schoger
Language: English
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

Christel Schoger

Analytical Consultant at Google

Christel is a passionate analyst and enjoys helping companies by offering data-driven strategic advice. Her academic background is in Economics & Entrepreneurship, and in the past 7 years she has gained a lot of experience in Data and Business Analysis while working in California, Germany and The Netherlands. Previously, Christel worked in the mobile industry, where she analysed the KPIs of the most popular mobile apps. As a Google analyst, she not only analyses the figures but also looks at the intention behind the search queries, which gives more insights into data and makes data more valuable in the dynamic world of travel.