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GDPR: Are you ready for the new Privacy Act?

Big data and DMPs, the ‘smart’ hotel room, social messaging and chat bots, customer journey and e-commerce: There are many ways the travel industry collects data about consumers, their behaviour and their preferences. What can you do with all these data? And more importantly, what is not allowed? What are the new European privacy rules that come into effect from May 2018? Herwin Roerdink, lawyer and partner at Vondst, will answer these and many more questions on the basis of learnings from his practice.

Speaker: Herwin Roerdink
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days


Herwin Roerdink

partner at law firm Vondst

Herwin is a partner at the Amsterdam law firm Vondst. He specialises in trademark law, (online) marketing and privacy. He advises clients on these subjects and counsels them in court and in enforcement procedures by supervisors. Herwin has national and international clients from different sectors, including FMCG, Internet and e-commerce, media and entertainment, fashion, automotive and technology. Herwin has co-written the book “Data Protection & Privacy” by Sweet & Maxwell and “50 vragen over privacy” (“50 Questions about privacy”).