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Augmented TravelAdvisors? Fact of Fiction?

Inspired by Steven van Belleghem’s “When digital becomes human”, on the repositioning of man in a digital world and by Tony Sheih, CEO of – an example of how a company can make the difference for customers and generate success with a great customer experience (75% =returning customers!) – Fiona experiments with AI: technology as enabler of great service.

Speaker: Fiona Vandenbroeck – Head of Service Innovation, Travelbird
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free entrance after registration at Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

Fiona Vandenbroeck

Head of Service Innovation, Travelbird

Fiona Vanderbroeck (40) has been working in the travel industry for more than 13 years. She began her career at KLM, where she fulfilled various marketing positions. Her specialisation? How customer contact and service lead to customer retention.

2 years ago, she started working for TravelBird as VP Service Innovation & Care. She is responsible for the service strategy, innovation and execution (service centre). “Our mission is to provide travellers with great service during their journey. Super easy, super personal and super empathic. And with a touch of wow.”