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ANVR-event Changes in Tourism

Not long after welcoming the New Year, the inspiring ANVR Trade Day, part of the Vakantiebeurs 2018, will be on the programme. As a travel professional, you and your organisation can make a great contribution to the sector and collaborate with us to create better travel locations and experiences – both for the locals and for holidaymakers. This cooperation is necessary to turn ‘Holidays’ into ‘Better holidays’.

The industry is changing. That is why we have a full programme for our Changes in Tourism Day! There is much to tell about the (in)security of expectations. Whether it’s the weather, the economy, events in your own life, tourism, the climate, etc… What we do know, is that we want the world to still be fun, enjoyable and affordable in 30 years’ time. How can you, as a travel company and travel professional, create a positive impact and reduce the negative impacts in our sector? For that reason, this Trade Day focuses on ‘Working together on impact’.

Language: Dutch
Entrance: free entrance after registration at ANVR website